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Buying Guide

"Bargain" Vehicles
These pre-owned vehicles offer significant savings from the prices of most pre-owned vehicles found at dealerships. While they are typically older models, or have high mileage, and/or show cosmetic imperfections, they are good, solid vehicles with plenty of life left in them. These used cars, trucks and SUVs are 100% safe, mechanically sound, and have passed Maine state inspection.
Who should be interested in these vehicles? Anyone interested in paying real bargain prices and those looking for an affordable second or third vehicle for the family.
"Credit Repair" Vehicles
These pre-owned vehicles have been specifically selected by our network of lenders to help customers with low/er credit get approved with a minimum down payment. We work very hard to get everyone approved, and customers also benefit as financing these vehicles will help build credit. Because these vehicles are approved by lenders, they tend to be newer vehicles with lower mileage than our Bargain vehicles, and, of course, they pass their Maine state inspection.
Who should be interested in these vehicles? Customers with low/er credit interested in purchasing a quality used vehicle that will also help build their credit.
"Fixer-Upper" Vehicles
These 'as is' vehicles are typically sold directly to wholesalers, but we are now making them available to the public as well as we believe our customers should have access to them, too. While these vehicles do not pass Maine state inspection, we will provide customers with a list of items that cause the inspection to fail. These vehicles do run, but will need to be towed off the lot and repaired by the customer or a third-party at the customer's expense.
Who should be interested in these vehicles? Wholesalers and customers who love fixing and repairing vehicles themselves, or working closely with their favorite mechanic to bring a vehicle back to life.